From creating flyers and zines in the 80s to publishing books in the 90s and editing and designing a grassroots newspaper for the last 10 years, I have always preferred tangible, physical  artifacts to digital and virtual efforts.

Time Machine

I built a time machine so I could go back and say I’m sorry.  It took years, timing and patience, emergent yet formulaic. But then I got trapped in a notion, the desire to remove the offense at onset, at the root; of wanting to make it completely go away.  Take it back to love, …

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Is It Time, Yet?

Graphic meditations on time and domestication from 2014. ‘Death needs TIME for what it kills to grow in’ ~William S. Burroughs The domination of both our reality (social) and reality (geography) by white men is intended to facilitate the ongoing domestication of the human animal, our selves, our families, our communities and all other life in …

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Harry Crosby, Prophet of the Sun

A collection of poems by Harry Crosby. Limited to 100 copies. In 1991, when traveling through Austin, an associate of mine gave me a tattered sheet that held 3 nearly unreadable Crosby poems. They transfixed me. I traveled the country copying poems from libraries and rare bookstores and eventually moved to Carbondale, IL. to gain …

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Temporary Temple J-Card

J-Card design for the demon Instagon‘s cassette release of it’s June 23, 1995 manifestation. The performance happened at a house party in the Huntington Beach space we were all living in. In addition to the design I wrote the ‘liner notes’. “Five times at the door knocks the initiate. Through the door a cross dimensional …

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Our Lady of Divine Infiltration and Surprise Attack


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Star Map and Shield


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