I started writing a journal in my teens because the authors I was reading at the time told me to. They said it  would help with what I had been through and where I wanted to go. I’ve written daily through the majority of my life.

I started writing poetry to get laid. My feeble attempts at poetry lead to comparisons and an introduction to the work of Harry Crosby. The study of Harry’s life and works influenced my own path more than I would like to admit. More examples of gestures toward liberation without footing in justice.

I started freelance writing in the oughts to build my work as a massage practitioner and yoga instructor. I expanded this into my work with justice-centered organizations after starting our family.

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The Ancestor Dream

The Ancestor Dream by Eden Bloom Some Notes – ‘The Ancestor Dream’ is an attempt articulate my perspective on ancestral relations. I am uncertain if others have similar experiences. The piece and this introduction are a monologue on the welcoming invites to ‘draw strength from ancestors’ or call their names into collaborative spaces I visit. Ancestral recognitions …

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Public Comment: Future of Health, residents need more

My name is Eden Bloom, I’m a resident of District 5, I also work in the impact area, but this is a personal comment. I’m requesting that the Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors NOT move the Future of Health project forward without demanding the developers do better for the residents who will be …

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Eden Bloom – Vision (Song a Day in December) Day 4

These better get easier or it’s gonna be abandoned like many of my other good intentions. My back is messed up too, so it’s all sloppy. Notable: I used minaret in a song. This came out overly idealistic, but trying to let the spirit shake. I had the first 4 lines on a piece of …

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Eden Bloom – Interesting (Improvisational Sketch) Day 2

I’m pretty blown away by this one. This was the second take sitting down with some old notes and rather selfish thoughts about why I see things the way I do. Asking myself the question “what messed me up?” Eden Bloom – Interesting (Improvisational Sketch) Day 2 Maybe it was the Reverend Dr Martin Luther …

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Eden Bloom – I Know (Improvisational sketch)

Going to try to do one of these a day in December. Now that I’ve posted it the chance of my actually following through seems to decrease. It they go as well as this did there is a chance. Thanks for looking. 🙏🏻❤️ Eden Bloom I know what I need to do to make it, …

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Michael 23 1969-2023, Laughter and Light

I posit the reheard and remembered laughter of loved ones lost may lighten the load of our collective loss. 丰 23 I’ve written pages upon pages since Michael’s passing. His influence, which was almost always interwoven with others in our extended networks/currents, reached into my own design work, my ideas about cooperative living, framing ritual …

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Things are getting heavy

May 9, 2023 – Things are getting heavy in my mind. It reflects the weight of the city and the world. I’m wracked with thoughts of guilt, not guilt itself. I’ve been challenged to express myself, to find the right thread to pull that will get me a coherent thought in the end. Well, there are …

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Cringe, everyday I do

Did you figure out why they told you to stay away? That riff on evolution and revolution and a mean plate of food had them swarming the lab back in the day. I volunteered for reeducation, rightly so. I was misinformed and mistaken. Did they say I was crazy, did they say I’ve hurt many? …

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Final District Detroit CBA Meeting

Final District Detroit CBA Meeting Public Comment, Eden Bloom The District Detroit Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) February 21, 2023 Often times I choose not to make public comment because I find that the Black excellence of those I organize with and the lived experience of Black residents speaks a kind of truth and wisdom that …

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Public Comment DBRA on The District Detroit

February 8, 2023 Members of the Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors, I’m a resident of the East Side of the City of Detroit. I am also the father of 3 school aged children. We’re extremely proud that our oldest will be attending    … next year. We also have a special needs child …

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