Justice, I debate using the word here. As someone who has always pursued radical and extreme spiritual study and practice I have understood myself and those I have engaged with in these spheres to be a minority. Accordingly we have gathered behind closed doors and used art as cover for our communications. Living in a culture dominated by the big three of monotheism we made a way.

My awareness of this power dynamic in my own life has always given me an inclination toward liberation. Of course, the majority of counter culture icons tend to lean a little too far into their own liberation and end up becoming perpetrators of oppression.

An active approach toward personal liberation has demanded a more nuanced and detailed critique and judgement and an understanding of the need for justice. For an open and liberated space to emerge, unassuaged history must be addressed. I’m learning in real time that liberation without justice only perpetuates degradation and is truly counter revolutionary and counter evolutionary.

This work, and a great deal of my activism, advocacy and creativity has been an attempt to put this in practice without recourse to existing norms.

Public Comment: Future of Health, residents need more

My name is Eden Bloom, I’m a resident of District 5, I also work in the impact area, but this is a personal comment. I’m requesting that the Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors NOT move the Future of Health project forward without demanding the developers do better for the residents who will be …

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DTE Public Hearing

March 8, 2023 Representative Helena Scott, I’m writing this morning to insist that you use your powers as the Chair of the Energy, Communications and Technology Committee to call a public hearing and demand that DTE executives answer to their customers. I live in District 10 and over the last 9 years we have experienced …

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Ozone Redesignation EPA Public Comment

March 6, 2023 Eden Bloom – Public Comment Docket ID No. EPA-R05-OAR-2023-0058 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Detroit Area attainment redesignation Environmental Protection Agency, Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the request from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) to ignore ozone data. I will also comment on the related …

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The District Detroit, PED Committee Meeting

My name is Eden Bloom, I live on the Eastside and work with Detroit People’s Platform. This morning I want to briefly check the developers claims of misinformation. It’s important to clearly state that Detroiters are not misinformed. Many know exactly how this works, they recognize it as a hustle and don’t want the developers …

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Public Comment DBRA on The District Detroit

February 8, 2023 Members of the Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors, I’m a resident of the East Side of the City of Detroit. I am also the father of 3 school aged children. We’re extremely proud that our oldest will be attending    … next year. We also have a special needs child …

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Weaponized Cries

This is not for Tyre, George, or Breonna, this is for you and me. Children of much lesser gods than those of the people who once were held as slaves.  Let’s call us non-Black, for that get’s closer to to the fact; no one is white. It is unnerving as it should be. Utterly debilitating …

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Oversight Committee Testimony

August 25, 2022 Eden Bloom, Testimony Oversight Committee’s Environment Subcommittee Congressional Field Hearing, Detroit Good morning. I would like to thank the Environmental Subcommittee for this opportunity. I would also like to recognize the environmental justice neighborhoods throughout the city of Detroit. My name is Eden Bloom. My family and I live in the impact …

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Defund Demolitions in Detroit

https://medium.com/@edenbloom/detroit-city-council-defund-demolitions-fa9e4d6c75a2 May 17, 2022 Council President, Pro Temp., and Council Members, Thank you for the opportunity to speak my concerns into the record. My name is Eden Bloom and my family and I live in Distict 5. This morning I want to express concern over the use of ARPA funds for the demolition of industrial …

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White House Environmental Justice – Public Comment

November 18, 2021 White House EJAC Public Meeting Eden Bloom – Public Comment This written comment is submitted in addition to my spoken comment made during the WHEJAC public meeting on November 17-18, 2021. Details around this issue are changing rapidly so this comment reflects what I am aware of as of November 18, 2021. …

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The Democracy on Wheels Bus

Hello All, Thank you for your interest in the Democracy on Wheels bus! Democracy on Wheels Project: a mobil class room, resource center and art space. Brought to you by D-REM: Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management. Description Invite the bus to your neighborhood to host a conversation about Emergency Management – What is it, How does it …

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