Temporary Temple J-Card

J-Card design for the demon Instagon‘s cassette release of it’s June 23, 1995 manifestation. The performance happened at a house party in the Huntington Beach space we were all living in. In addition to the design I wrote the ‘liner notes’.

“Five times at the door knocks the initiate. Through the door a cross dimensional shift to all space, all time, no space, no time, neither neither. We have walked here often with little knowledge, each telephone connection, each picture gazed upon and each thought of those far away can reach across this time and that space. With knowledge comes power. When all parties have the knowledge the results can be staggering. Not a shot in the dark, but a flare in the night sky. The walls of the temple manifest within our hearts and minds and are made external through action, ritual, music, art. Ritualmusicart create the tangible space around those involved. Across time and space, between time and space the pieces of the temple connect. Our flesh the mortar, our movements those of the mason. Within these walls we step outside the walls and celebrate our divinity. Temporary we are Temple.”

From The Instagon Foundation page:

1: Wish You Were Here Temporarily>Temporary Temple
2: Wish You Were Here Temporarily (pt 2), Knock 5 Times
{Lob, Opus, Chris tm., Gregg Newsom, Tom Sunstroke}
This show was a performance in conjuction with T.O.P.Y. The show was billed as “TEMPORARY TEMPLE ’95” and was played in the mind frame of the “Temporary Temple” was simultaneously conjured this night by T.O.P.Y Magicians in the world wide Nettwerk ov TOPY and AIN. The show began at 23:00 on the 23rd ov June into the 24th, which is the anniversary of the founding of the Masonic Temple or Freemasonry….