Is It Time, Yet?

Graphic meditations on time and domestication from 2014.

‘Death needs TIME for what it kills to grow in’ ~William S. Burroughs

The domination of both our reality (social) and reality (geography) by white men is intended to facilitate the ongoing domestication of the human animal, our selves, our families, our communities and all other life in this space. This is done for the profit and benefit of a few. ‘They’ are those who can operate globally and, for the most part, who do so in their own interest and in so doing perpetuate the domination of their world-view. Domestication is dependent on perpetuating indoctrination through education and normalization, on fostering dependence on external resources that necessitate continued participation for survival, and on maintaining conflict between people through the counter-intuitive and divisive social systems of race and class.

Our de-evolution from unMEDIAted human animals to consumer cogs in designed environments is, in part, dependent up a unification of our concept of TIME and the repression of organic or indigenous calendar systems. Our economy is based upon time being linear or ‘running in a straight line’, from the past to the future. Our biological and intuitive patterns are intentionally tuned to a human-made system and away from more organic ones. Cutting this root connection to the natural world serves as a means to normalize and regulate our minds and bodies towards patterns of consumption.

It is TIME to consider once again trusting ourselves and our instincts.

This  will  take  TIME.