Eden Bloom

I’m a 50-something seeker who has found a few things.  I’m a proud father and partner, a writer, musician, and graphic designer. I’ve also studied health, healing and esoteric spiritual paths for the majority of my time here. I’ve covered a great deal of ground and it’s been challenging to archive my work, but this is an attempt to gather what has easily risen to the surface.

There is an effort toward personal accountability in this expression. While many have benefited from my silence and transience, I have benefited the most. “Buy the ticket, take the ride” fails to recognize and respect the casualties. I’ve attempted to address this through intentional action in the present rather than drag others injuries back through my own illness and attempts at recovery. 

The process of weaving all of these aberrant threads together has also brought me out of my parenting bubble and into current and recent discussions I have missed thus far. ‘Kill yer idols‘ never seemed so apropos. With leaders in health, yoga and other disciplines either going insane or being brought into the light. I’m integrating these discoveries and the positioning of my own benefit in certain systems as blinders to abuse and inequity.

This reflects an ongoing coming to terms with my own actions and acceptance of norms that had or do exist in many of the communities I’ve shared in and often promoted. My intention is for that to be where this archive finds use and purpose in my current work and life.

Archives by Year:

Health and Healing

Health/Healing Publications


While I am not currently involved in any of these groups and have criticisms of both leadership and application, these are extremely influential in my approach. It is important to note that I am still most deeply influenced by and in love with the non-dogmatic emergent structure of TOPY. My attempts to replicate this non-dogmatic structure have been the source of conflict as I’ve attempted to engage with more structured groups. 

Spirit Publication
Power Symbols for Personal Growth – Natural Awakenings (2009)
Sigil – Thee Blooming Ov Life (TOPY internal – 1988)
Book Magick – Thee BOTL Rocket


Becoming a parent in the city of Detroit as we were thrust into municipal bankruptcy and emergency management set the tone for my attempts to  engage for better outcomes for our kids. These groups and workshops supported the internal work needed to engage more effectively. I cite these groups as influences as my search for spaces that do not replicate hierarchies of control continues.

    • People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond – https://pisab.org
    • Project South, Institute to Eliminate Poverty & Genocide – https://projectsouth.org/about/
    • Crossroads Anti-Racism Training – https://crossroadsantiracism.org
    • Detroit Black Community Food Security Network – https://www.dbcfsn.org
    • James and Grace Lee Boggs Center – https://www.boggscenter.org
    • Generative Somatics – https://generativesomatics.org
    • Detroit Equity Action Lab – http://detroitequity.org
    • Detroit People’s Platform – https://www.detroitpeoplesplatform.org
    • Extinction Rebellion – https://rebellion.global
    • Sunrise Movement – https://www.sunrisemovement.org
    • Democratic Socialists of America – https://www.dsausa.org

For published works see Justice – https://www.edenbloom.art/writing/justice/


    • Throwing Muses, Detroit (1987-88)
    • Pixies, Club Soda Kalamazoo (1988)
    • Emergency Management/Municipal Bankruptcy (2013-14)
    • Freedom March 50th, Detroit
    • Petcoke Marathon Protest, Detroit
    • Water is a Human Right March, Detroit

Published Photography
People’s Atlas of Detroit, Wayne State University Press (2019)


Graphic Design

  • Majesty Crush – Electric Seahorse Cassette (1991)
  • D.A.D.A. Une (1993, Detroit)
  • Instagon – Temporary Temple (1995, Huntington Beach)
  • Tumultus Productions (1996, Carbondale)
    • I am currently processing the role of these authors in my work and life
  • Various Hands Local 23 (1999, Cincinnati)
  • Detroit Evolultion Laboratory (2006, Detroit)
  • Undoing Racism, Planting Justice
  • Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion – Housing
  • Flint Strong Stones Logo
  • Detroit Food Justice Task Force – Cook Eat Talk Menu


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