I’ve been watching you and yours for years

Get it straight
I’m a gun for hire
I’m NOT an activist
They say I’m an organizer, whatever
I’m just using skills picked up along the way
to try to help some folk and get my next check.
I’ve monetized my anger
I’m not a do-gooder
A ne’er-do-well trying to keep my family fed
It keeps me honest and on point
Say what you will about me
I’m just doing my J O B
but If you treat the people
I work for and with poorly
You go on my shit list eternally
And I’m down with restoration,
for second chances, even again and again
But I’ve been watching you and yours for years
documenting your disregard
for people with whom you disagree
party politic has trumped your humanity.
When you rep as a white guy and you attack other people
without respect, without explanation, just self-important certainty
is it so unimaginable that some call it white supremacy?