Promethean Night, a curse on angels

I remember watching as the city burned amazed and awaiting ever august Detroit made devil’s night as she did Valliants and Galaxies

Burning Prometheus rising planting apocalyptic dreams in virile minds to seek vengeance and let loose on landscapes

I now watch crass angels in suits move clean machines across the lucid Vulcan dreamscapes of once infinite possibilities broken glass and pavement cracks allow breath, oxygen to burn

I curse sterile attempts to polish and smother and command Prometheus rise again!

*This was written in my cubicle while working at Compuware, ‘Angel’s/Devil’s Night’, October 30, 2003. It was either part of the impetus for, or grew from, my involvement with the Detroit Promethean Society, which is a story for another time. ~ ed. Sept. 2012