Power Symbols For Personal Growth

This was a piece published in PLAY Magazine in 2007. It was an attempt to consider the power sigils without specifically using the term. 

There is a hidden language written nearly everywhere we look. The place where this language is most visible is in mass marketing. Magazine images, TV commercials, brand names and company logos surround us and their sole purpose is to encourage us to spend money. On the surface, company logos become easily identifiable as representatives of this company or that company, but underneath they express the desire of their company. These little designs, sometimes scribbles, make up an alphabet of desire that drives our consumption. This phenomenon when viewed at the national and international level can be daunting and might even seem slightly dubious, but they are powerful tools for their owners. 

We can easily utilize similar ideas and grow by creating our own symbols. Symbols can be great tools for personal growth and with them we can make alterations to our personalities and our situations. To experiment with this, the next time you meditate or have a quiet moment take a pen and paper and jot down notes. Allow your mind to wander until you find a thought or a situation that you would like to change. Also pay attention to any desires that may come up and write them down. Once you’ve done this set the paper aside and go about your day. At the end of the day or even in the next couple of days, return to your notes and ask yourself if the intent is something that you really want to happen. If you are confident about the intent, begin to formulate a symbol that represents that thought or desire. It doesn’t matter if your symbol is a doodle or a highly stylized corporate looking logo. What matters is that you have a symbol that your mind will identify with that intention. Just the initial acts of meditating, taking notes, and creating the symbol will give that symbol power. 

Now, take that symbol and, as many do with affirmations, put it up around the house and the office. As this symbol comes into your view throughout the day send positive thoughts towards it. Let the symbol come to truly represent its purpose within your heart and mind. Just like the consumer who is drawn towards this brand or that brand you may find that you are drawn to make the changes or fulfill the desire that this symbol represents. As this symbol and it’s intent come to fruition allow yourself to create more and more symbols, maybe even your own alphabet. Enjoy your ability and your prosperity!