Michael 23 1969-2023, Laughter and Light

I posit the reheard and remembered laughter of loved ones lost may lighten the load of our collective loss.

丰 23 I’ve written pages upon pages since Michael’s passing. His influence, which was almost always interwoven with others in our extended networks/currents, reached into my own design work, my ideas about cooperative living, framing ritual as public art, community engagement and so many other ways.

In the end, after reading through our broken correspondence over the years, my journals from the 90s when we first met, and the folder of mail art and flyers across time, I gleaned that at this stage in our collective grief this would be the joint to pass. This is the important research we got up to when we were supposed to be running electric and hanging drywall in the office in “Little Guyana”, 1992.

Brother Teacher is gonna be dearly missed. All love and strength from our little family to J and E. Fund them: https://gofund.me/969848d1

Strive Dreams,
Eden Bloom, fka Gregg,
fka G.O.D. For those who go back this far ❤️😜🔥23 丰