Eden Bloom – Vision (Song a Day in December) Day 4

These better get easier or it’s gonna be abandoned like many of my other good intentions. My back is messed up too, so it’s all sloppy. Notable: I used minaret in a song. This came out overly idealistic, but trying to let the spirit shake. I had the first 4 lines on a piece of paper that’s probably years old, the rest came today. Thanks for looking. 🙏🏻 #newsong #vision #fightwarnotwars #resistance #method #madness

Eden Bloom – Vision

I had a vision that we stopped it.
Call it a dream, but I don’t dream anymore.
In every boardroom, in every classroom
In every shop, on every factory floor
Someone stood up, Someone spoke up
Someone said “hell no,” we want more.
There is a method, to end the madness
It’s in your reach and you can have it right now
In every temple, from every minaret
A song is rising from every camp
“This isn’t working, so we are stopping
We’re shutting down what you’re doing right now.”
End the distractions, start the confessions
Boots off the throats, flip they backs on the floor
There is a feeling that is gathering
Emergent action, we’re not taking it no more.
Bodies of people, together all alone,
Ending the bloodshed, fighting to stop war.

© Eden Bloom, EschatonLife, December 4, 2023