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“Real Men” Don’t Do Yoga

A version of this was published and syndicated nationally through Natural Awakenings. There is a huge difference between the text below, which includes a critique of masculinity and what was published. Like most things here I would write it differently today, but feel there is some merit given the ongoing need to grow self awareness …

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Emergent Technology Zones

June 2, 2010 “Self-organization is a process of attraction and repulsion in which the internal organization of a system, normally an open system, increases in complexity without being guided or managed by an outside source. Self-organizing systems typically (but not always) display emergent properties.” I am proposing that the City of Detroit establish Sustainability Testing …

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Stand, for a time, outside of time

It is a rare combination of fear and courage that has permitted a person like me to survive to this point. I’ve seen my brothers and sisters slit their wrists and get put away, I’ve seen the questions and the outrage silenced in my peers, and I’ve fallen into distortion and despair so many times …

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