Symbols & Spells May 2022

Happy May Day, Blessed Beltane and a mysterious Walpurgisnacht to all. As promised an update and the first official ‘Symbols and Spells’ monthly reader.

I’m grateful for the continued urge to get out more of my own work and the ability to share more goodies from the archive. March focused on the initial distribution of the Eschaton Life book and recording the Lost Planet demos. April has gotten my house in order with the posting of videos that have been on the back burner for years. I put the slow drip on the Sonic Youth and Foetus, Inc show earlier in the month and just now pushed them all out. I also published the entire His Name Is Alive show today. Majesty Crush as been up for a moment, but they need to be included in the big four of shows I’ve been able to upload.


I also got up the courage to post the majority of my “pandemic covers”. I’ve been posting these on to FB and sharing with a few friends to a positive response. I’ve thrown them up as Imperfect Covers for an Imperfect World.

Speaking of courage, I finally edited and posted a reading from the Eschaton Life Book.

Read: Misanthropy Embarrassed

Misanthropy Embarrassed

Thank you all for the continued support and encouragement. ❤️ EB