My Post Social Media Existence

Today, I successfully removed Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from my phone. Deactivating and deleting my accounts. I’ll maintain the EL Facebook page for a while as that seems to be where I am connected to those I am most interested in sharing with.

It is interesting to be reduced to one channel for communication. As noted, this is part of my motion toward my immediate and intentional communications and relationship building.

Social media has created a false surrogate for community and based upon my history of personal loss I have to admit that I fell for it and into it. While many of my old friends are connected through these platforms I am looking forward to seeing how many of them I can connect with in real life.

There is an aspect of passive vs active attention at play in my decision as well. Social media “friendship” can be a very passive act, a like or a comment on an algorithm fronted post and we are connected.

I’m more interested in sharing with those of like mind who seek myself and others out based upon the work and themes rather than an AI generated audience who may or may not vibe.