New! 7×7 Ltd Ed Eden Bloom Book

Preorder Now – This limited ‘supporters edition’ collection of poems, prose, spells, symbols, and schematics is a self-imposed attempt to pay respects and realign my creative expression with my current station in life. It also strives to address the environmental, social and political crises that have come to dominate our existence.

The 13 pieces included are recent, most put down during the pandemic. There is intentionality in the mix of metaphysical/visionary work and political/abolitionist commentary. The 13 images included are culled from decades of work. While self-referential this collection also aspires to respect influences, the people we live with, the spirits of the land, and the elemental forces I intuit. Questions of identity, belief, time and purpose emerge with race and place prominent throughout. Raising a ‘white’ family in the largest Black city in the US has made issues once distant more relevant.

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