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The Lights Flickering, Vichy Detroit

The lights flickered again and we laughed about it.  I wondered if they were flickering up the street at the house.  The kids wouldn’t notice in the unabashed chaotic joy of a sitter. Our kids were, for the most part, unaware of the war or the occupation.  Of course, they seemed more aware of it …

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Blood Money

Don’t worry old fam, I’m not coming to the funeral. I’m not looking for a payday and won’t be coming round to collect a dime. I’ve spent my life trying to do it without your blood money, struggling so I wouldn’t be in further debt to the man who brought me into this world and …

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Every morning I wake before dawn

Every morning I wake before dawn to brush away the demons and angels that have accumulated through the night, the ones that follow in my wake, my albatross, my mutated cross.  Broken oaths, bad blood, blood bonds and divine protections, wanted and unwanted, some intentional, some still unseen, but all felt daily, and not only …

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