Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth – Live at the The Latin Quarter, Detroit 10.16.1990
8mm Video by @eschatonlife from the

I’m uploading more 8mm video of Detroit shows regularly. more:    / @eschatonlife  

From a box of old 8mm video cassettes recorded from 1988-1991 in Detroit and Ann Arbor. All copyrights to the original artist. This is shared to document the music scene in Detroit and some of my early videography.

Sonic Youth – NO SONGS

Give the kids what they want… These are the in between bits only, sonic noise, mumbling, crowd cheering and “whoa, what’s up man, you just kill somebody?” I attempted to mix in an aesthetically pleasing way, cutting out almost all of the kick drum after a few snare clicks. This mix includes some bits that haven’t been uploaded before as they were left on the editing floor. The analog video effects are from a 35mm photo lens filter that I converted to 8mm. It would spin on its own while attempting to auto focus and create the effects seen here. Soon, I’m looking to upload the full show without titles and my BS so that people can enjoy it without interruption. Subscribe  @EschatonLife  to see when that pops. Thanks for looking, Eden #sonicyouth #live #noise #Detroit #1990