Harry Crosby, Prophet of the Sun

A collection of poems by Harry Crosby. Limited to 100 copies.

In 1991, when traveling through Austin, an associate of mine gave me a tattered sheet that held 3 nearly unreadable Crosby poems. They transfixed me. I traveled the country copying poems from libraries and rare bookstores and eventually moved to Carbondale, IL. to gain access to the Caresse Crosby papers at Southern Illinois University.

I created this online edition to commemorate the 2011 anniversary of Harry Crosby’s death. The project gave me a chance to look at Crosby with fresh eyes. I’ve always cringed at Harry’s contradictions and train-wreck levels of drama.

His misanthropy, worship/objectification of women and perception of non-Europeans as savage are considerable blocks to the potential of his inspired ‘life as art/politic’ rebellion against the wealthy Boston Brahmins and his creative quest for spiritual liberation.



Eden Bloom – The Death of Bloom

Remastered versions of these songs are being released in 2021 through Eschaton Life.

Save the cover of Current 93’s ‘Ballad of the Pale Christ’, I originally wrote and played these songs with different iterations of ‘Bloom’ while traveling from Detroit to Arizona, California, Illinois and back throughout the 90s.

These versions were recorded July 4 & 5, 1997 at Goldsound Studios Chicago, Illinois

Titled “The Death of Bloom’ this session was intended to end the project though it didn’t. Great thanks to all who assisted me in bringing this chapter to a close.

These were digitized without much EQ from cassette October 10th, 2012.