Timefix:001 Halo Burger

Timefix:001 Halo Burger

I ate the burger.

I’d been a vegetarian for years.

He chuckled smugly. I ate the burger and sat there listening to him talk ceaselessly. Hands full, his beard-stroking voice repeated why we always stopped here on these short road trips to Flint.

He’d brag about having an affair with a married woman. They’d meet at this Halo Burger and then spend an hour in a hotel room across the street. I hated him and envied him.

I’d complain to him about my strange, horrible and lonely relationship. The literal witch I was living with told me she wouldn’t sleep with me if I ate meat. It was one of many ways that she kept me under her spell.

A few years later, after I got out of the mental institution she’d convinced me to commit myself to, I’d find out she was the one eating Halo Burgers with this guy.


This is part of the TimeFix Serial.
Stay Tuned! – The story continues in time.
©Eden Bloom, Eschaton Life