Statement of Intent – Spring 2023

Welcome. It’s currently Spring 2023. In the Spring of 2021, with the support of my family I began the process of shedding my default name, my father’s name and organizing my existence as Eden Bloom. This site is part of a larger, intentional process of connecting and realigning earlier work, concepts and themes with my current life, perspective and intentions. I have misstepped, sidestepped and tripped frequently so there is also healing, accountability and apology embedded throughout. All things in time.

There’s way too much here. I’m not pleased with most of it, but it’s real, as much as it will be all that’s left. Some of it pops for me and I’ve gotten to the point where that the little light pouring off the edges keeps me engaged. This is rife with attempts to weave spirit and politic, justice and joy and to gather and reap the pain of the past while sowing seeds for those we will leave behind.

Race, place and identity are prominent throughout. Raising a ‘white’ family in the largest Black city in the US has made issues that were once distant more personal. Living on stolen land and witnessing Detroit’s engineered resurrection, it is clear that this land is being resettled again with too little effort to do things better or even differently. We have attempted to influence outcomes but there’s great frustration at the left’s ideologically selective response to injustice, especially with the influence of ‘the right’ on policy and outcomes here.

What’s in a name? I’ve never claimed vast swaths of my own expression because it would have been under the realm of my father’s name and my mother’s faith.  Now that these are put to rest in my own birth there is a unity of expression. It could seem cryptic from the outside looking in, but there is a method, a process, a counter spell woven to bring these things to rest. Eschaton Life is an attempt to document those efforts.

I write on Medium, upload covers to YouTube and attempt to share music through Bandcamp and try to gather it all here.

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Call for a DTE Public Hearing

Covers Project: Cut the Tree, The Wolfgang Press Cover

Covers Project: Footprints in the Snow, Flux (of Pink Indians) Cover

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