Sonic Youth Live, Latin Quarter, Detroit 1990

So far I’ve uploaded 4 tracks recorded from the shaking balcony of the Latin Quarter in Detroit, 10.16.1990. The building has since been demolished.

8mm Video by @eschatonlife from the ARCANE PRODUCTION ARCHIVES (1988-1991) DETROIT ANN ARBOR I’m uploading more 8mm video of Detroit shows regularly. more:

This is an upload from a box of old 8mm video cassettes recorded from 1988-1991 in Detroit and Ann Arbor. All copyrights to the original artist. This is shared to document the music scene in Detroit and some of my early videography.


Journal 12.18.1989

This is my first ‘dedicated’ journal entry. 23

I have started by preparing a work area containing books that I feel will give a complete or at least well rounded type of information. I drank a small amount of alcohol and proceed to study the 7 of Wands, Valor, in both Thoth books. I shall continue meditation after this note. I finished my work by reading the introduction to “The Golden Dawn” by Chris Monnastre and the previous material in the book. In the future I need to inquire with the publishers. Earlier today I read random pieces of James Havoc’s “Raism” and became slightly disturbed. I hope to increase my occult vocabulary by reading Havoc’s work. During my work today I listened to Current 93’s “Mighty in Sorrow,” finding it a proper aid.