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Jojouka in Detroit (Video)

Interzone/Detroit – To say that the Master Musicians of Jajouka are a seminal influence doesn’t really fit. Their ‘pipes’ are something akin to thread in my material and aetheric/energetic linings. I cut my trance ritual teeth with ‘Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka’ as the soundtrack. A cassette tape was ‘passed’ to …

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The Democracy on Wheels Bus

Hello All, Thank you for your interest in the Democracy on Wheels bus! Democracy on Wheels Project: a mobil class room, resource center and art space. Brought to you by D-REM: Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management. Description Invite the bus to your neighborhood to host a conversation about Emergency Management – What is it, How does it …

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Detroit Development and Surveillance

All photos and video shot Easter Sunday, 2014. Updated & Re-edited May 16, 2014 and added voice over: RUIN PORN is an art movement that focuses on the decline of cities, buildings and infrastructure, specifically capturing urban decay and VACANCY. DETROIT and other post-industrial cities around the world are popular subjects. RUIN PORN has been …

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Is It Time, Yet?

Graphic meditations on time and domestication from 2014. ‘Death needs TIME for what it kills to grow in’ ~William S. Burroughs The domination of both our reality (social) and reality (geography) by white men is intended to facilitate the ongoing domestication of the human animal, our selves, our families, our communities and all other life in …

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