Wide-Eyed Sigil Use through the Oughts

(Attributed to V.I.T.R.I.O.L.) The Sigil ov Three Liquids (read: Thee Grey book) was the atomic bomb passed to me through TOPY. As hinted at in prior documentation, I utilized this sigil process from the time I was 16 to 23. I typically performed these sigils within the larger framework of extravagant ritual as I struggled with my notion of external energies (god forms) and the concept that magick was to be ceremonial and dramatic. 

At the age of 23, I experienced a breakthrough (read: breakdown) that caused me to redefine my worldview and bring magickal techniques out of the spiritual realm and into the scientific. During this period I shifted from working with forces outside of myself to working with a more psychologically based internal system. Basically, embracing the random, chaotic nature of the universe AND giving power things outside of myself eventually bit me in the ass as chaos is want to do.

I began to focus upon Spare’s Alphabet of Desire and created a series of sigils that acted like a language. Between the years of 94 and 96 I manifest two or three of these alphabets. These were basically maps of my mind/psychology at the time and I worked with particular sigils to achieve or negate mental states. As I worked in this way I was also heavily reading Jung and his cronies. I bought into the Jungian concept of the “shadow” and began rendering dual meanings within all of my sigils. This work primed me for Grant’s work with the Qliphoth, the backside of the Tree of Life. 

During this period, sigils were charged on a daily basis. I collected all the sigils in my alphabet in a large spiral book and every morning I would charge one upon waking. Moving away from the three liquid sigils of TOPY, I now charged sigils by meditating until I achieved a deep trance/non-thought state (neither/neither state in Spare’s vernacular). I also began to string sigils together to assist in achieving particular effects. Much like using a diet of supplements to produce certain physical/mental results, I would put together a cocktail of sigils in the morning to prepare myself for the day. 

Towards the end of this period I became enamored with the Northern European Tradition and hijacked the elder futhark (runes) as a sigil language in the process. Rather than study other’s interpretation of the runes I elected to integrate my being into their system. Over the period of six months I worked a rune a week. I internalized each through ritualistically studying their symbolic qualities and allowing them to “speak” to me on their use and attributes. After gaining my impressions of each rune I began to research their traditional meanings and found a great deal of similarity. With the integration complete I used the runes in the same manner I used the sigil alphabets I created earlier, to great effect. 

In 96, I formalized my relationship with the  and began a dangerous series of renegade workings in the Enochian and Vodun systems. My use of personal sigils waned temporarily as the full emersion into these systems dominated my daily practice.

I pulled into the Oughts on a psychedelic steed fueled by the eschatology of the 2012 meme and a paranoia based on a failed millennial apocalypse. I’d reconnected to the universe and had balanced out my internal and external relationships. Theories on time manipulation became the catalyst for new workings and simplicity was the call of the day. Through years of practice I acquired the ability to instantly enter into the neither/neither state, charge sigils, and let them go on the fly. 

My current use of sigils no longer involves images or words, but rather hand gestures and facial expressions.  About 8 years ago, thanks to   and   , I dove into Neuro Linguistic Programming and it changed everything. One of the NLP techniques is centered on developing “triggers” or “anchors” to achieve certain mental states. Basically, one brings on a particular mental state through actively bringing to mind (and body) the auditory, visual and kinesthetic modes related to the particular state. When the state becomes very “real” a hand gesture or body/facial position is struck and linked to the state. I now use a battery of sigilized “anchors” on a daily basis.